Snopes County Camp Followers
The Snopes County Camp Followers

L. to R. Lonnie Feiner (bass), David Meltzer (vocals, guitar, mouth harp), Greg Lasser (banjo, rhythm guitar, harmony vocals), Tina Meltzer (vocals, rhythm guitar)

No garage bands these!

Both The SCCF and BB&TT were at their best when playing in the living room.

They seem to have preferred rehearsing to playing actual gigs. In fact their gigs served mainly as justification for getting together in the Meltzer's living room with a big bowl of popcorn, a jug of wine, and the occasional "funny cigarette".

Most attempts to record these two elusive groups were cut short due to hysterical giggling so, sadly, only a few precious recordings remain. We present them here so that these legendary minstrels may take their rightful place in music history.

Billy Buckett
Billy Buckett and the Teleportts

L. to R. Tina Meltzer (vocals, rhythm guitar), Greg Lasser (banjo, pedal steel, harmony vocals), David Meltzer (vocals, guitar, mouth harp), Lonnie Feiner (bass)

(Billy got lost on the way to the photo shoot)

Can't Feel at Home

He Was a Friend of Mine
(Their signature song)

The Factory Song

Row Us Over the Tide

Little Birdie

Let The Door Stay Open

Hand Me Down
(My Silver Trumpet Gabriel)