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A Poem For My Wife

I'm in my room writing
speaking to myself
& I hear you
move down the hallway
to water your plants

I write truth on the page
I strike the word over & over
yet I worry you'll pour too much water on the plants
& the water will overflow onto the books
ruining them

If I can't speak out of myself
how can I tell you I don't care about the plants?
how can I tell you I don't care if the books get wet?

We've been together seven years
& only now do I begin
clearing my throat to speak to you.


Tina and David - "Poet Song"
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Lamentation for Hank Williams

--If I can't finish writing a song in ten minutes then it ain't worth the finishing,
   said Hank to a reporter.
A camera was busy taking pictures for LIFE magazine.

--I'll never get out of this world alive,
                                     wrote Hank in a song
sung for millions at The Grand Ole Opry
published by Acuff-Rose Sales Inc.
recorded by MGM records

flat-picking his D-28
backed up by The Drifting Cowboys
night after night & during the days
playing at picnics, rallies
supermarket gala openings

--There's no dreams but bad ones,
                                 Hank told his wife Audrey
who told her lover who told the doctor
who could not heal him

places no longer places
velocity of faces
& he burned down, died at 29 of an overdose
kindly rocked to sleep in the back seat of his Cadillac
being driven to a concert
New Year's Day 1953



I'll Forget You


I'm A Lover




The Blackest Rose
I'm afraid of the flowers she said
they move so quietly
vines on the bed table
roses on the dresser
awaken at night
as my breath awaits love to come move my room

The flowers turn
breathe as they move
towards me
in the dark
large shadows

I'm afraid of the breath the flowers have she said
full moon
I watch without sleep.
So quietly do they move upon me



The Bath

Movie over, we draw a bath & in it
           face each other,
legs around hips in wet embrace.


           Splashing in the jug
I upset, then sink our daughter's fleet of
           plastic boats
docked along the tub's rim.


Arise with dream speed from the steam.
           Sea beasts
shimmer in a fogged mirror. Ah...

this dance is the only dance.
race to cold sheets thru a chill hallway