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Ted Forsyth | Click HERE to email this person
Hey David! Great to hang out with you, michael, and paulette last night! What was the name of that series of books you were telling me about? Splendid show on Friday night--we'll miss you in Rochester! Love, Ted-
September 13, 2010 - Rochester, NY

Stephen Vincent | Click HERE to email this person
This is a wonderful website, David. Appreciate it so much. Tho we have had many 'togethers' over time, I remember the first time I heard a poetry reading, this one way back in 1958 at the Gull Bookshop in Point Richmond - a 12th grader then, a catylist to my future, your voice & poems way back then. Keep charming the globe!
September 11, 2010 - San Francisco, California

Tippin | Click HERE to email this person
It was the Summer of '68.Alison Steele would wait til exaclty midnight on WNEW-FM, then play "Endless Tunnel" in it's entirety. Thank you, thank you!
August 9, 2010 - NY

Julie Rogers
What happens when we dream together? This beautiful creation and here it is. Buddha does have ha ha in his name. Enough to make one burst out laughing. You are a wonder.
July 13, 2010 - temporarily in Ashland Oregon

Richard Cronborg | Click HERE to email this person
Once again, I find words from a great American treasure.You join my mystical crew.Bukowski, Kerouac, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, Kesey, Huxley, Guthrie, Ginsberg, Pirsig, Vonnegut, Thompson, and so many more.Oh!.and Marc Clark!
May 11, 2010 - Wheaton Illinois

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